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My consultations aim and offer to accompany along the personal path that leads to better self-understanding and self-realization.

Learning is the only way not to grow old

For the body there are doctors and health personnel, for mental disorders there are psychologists and psychotherapists. And for everything else? Who supports all those who need neither medical care nor therapies of any kind? Who helps them to understand the meaning of their lives and to realize their true potential, to become themselves?

It is from this question that the idea of my counseling starts.

Become yourself

The services offered range from counseling on specific issues and problems to individual coaching in the process of personal growth and self-reflection, and constitute professional support for the processes of personal transformation and development.

The goal is to make the clients more aware of themselves and of the life around them, to accompany them in the search for the joy of living and that serenity that alone, in the end, constitutes true happiness.

The methodology followed is the structured philosophical dialogue of Socratic descent. This is complemented, depending on the cases and the specific interests of the clients, by complementary procedures that pursue a holistic approach to a personal development that will be as organic and harmonious as possible.

An initial 30-minute interview is free of charge and is not binding for either party. Discretion and confidentiality are of course guaranteed for all counseling.

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